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Wallpaper Basic Plus 2019

Namuh is premium natural wallpaper which contains wooden flour of cypress and green tea, mugwort grown in Korea as a main material with natural ingredients which are quite useful to human body such as illite, safflower, turmeric, dried clove buds, polygonum indigo and cedrus libani Loudon. Wallpaper with the unique scent of cypress, phytoncide and pristine texture will present freshness that you can enjoy.

Namuh has a remarkable self-purification capacity not only to control interior humidity but also to absorb and deodorize harmful substances. Wooden powders dispersed equally on the surface of wallpaper form minute pores that maintain a pleasant humidity state (40%-70%) for human skin by emitting/absorbing water vapor when humidity changes. Illite on the surface of wallpaper helps absorb and reduce VOCs such as formaldehyde or toluene which have harmful effects on human body generated from building materials or furniture. 

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