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Vinyl Flooring Gerflor Mipolam Troplan Plus

GERFLOR MIPOLAM TROPLAN PLUS Homogeneous sheet High performance that has been widely used as hospital floor vinyl. Anti-bacterial vinyl with high quality that has a surface that is easy to clean. Homogeneous Vinyl multipurpose floor coatings that are 100% recyclable material. GERFLOR MIPOLAM TROPLAN PLUS (Vinyl Sheet) as Anti Bacterial, Anti Static and Anti Fungus Floor Coatings, Polyurethane Finished from France with the best quality that has been widely used in every hospital, such as in Corridors, OK Rooms, ICU, ESWL, Hemodialysis, Laboratory, Office Floors and Hotel Floors and Many More Types of Floors that can be installed Gerflor Mipolam Troplan Plus. Vinyl flooring with premium performance and anti-bacterial which is arranged solidly from the surface to the vinyl base. One type of hospital vinyl flooring that has been widely used in hospitals and offices in Indonesia.
Mipolam Troplan Plus vinyl suppliers sell floors at low prices but not in the sense of cheap goods because of riject or used goods, we sell at the prices of suppliers or distributors directly in Jakarta. Available with many color choices so that it is easily adapted to the interior design and function of the room later. Besides being used as a hospital vinyl floor that has anti-bacterial, anti static, mold, finished polyurethane, it is also good to be used in operating rooms or server rooms because it is supported by anti static which can prevent short-circuiting of medical devices. Of these advantages, this vinyl is also widely applied for the use of the Office Room Floor, Study Room or School, or Luxury Hotel Floors can also be used in stores or outlets with many color choices that make the Floor Room More Comfortable and easy to clean. For rooms that have electronic equipment, you should use anti-static floor coatings to avoid short-circuiting the electronic components in the operating room or office server room.
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