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Vinyl Flooring Gerflor Mipolam Ambiance Ultra

Mipolam ultra ambiance is one of the excellent products from Gerflor which is good Mipolam Ambiance Ultradant for the required floor coverings to remain clean and hygienic. Able to withstand stains from the outside so that it is easy to clean when contaminated with stubborn stains such as stains of bethadine or blood that falls on the surface of the floor. Good resistance to iodine is the main reason used for floor coatings in hospitals, such as operating rooms, inpatient rooms, corridors, ICUs, hemodialysis, ESWL as well as laboratories and so on.
If you are looking for a quality vinyl hospital floor, anti-blood and Bethadine then we can recommend this vinyl roll for you to try. Why should use vinyl pvc as a hospital floor covering? The main reason is the cleanliness of the room and hygiene. Traffic factors that are high enough to make the floor dirty quickly from several factors, but by using vinyl floors that are resistant to stains, it is easy to clean from all forms of contamination that falls on the floor.


The main advantage possessed by this type of vinyl is easier maintenance with EVERCARE technology. Homogeneous anti-bacterial sheets are arranged solidly to the base of vinyl so that it is more durable even if one day the surface of the vinyl is scratched but the anti-bacteria remains strong. One type of vinyl roll that has been widely used in hospitals at this time, Performance is more premium so prices are also classified as more expensive than some types of vinyl competitors. Premium price because of the premium quality too. As a distributor of vinyl flooring, we supply it in the form of a roll with many color choices so that it is easier to adjust the selection of color types to suit the expected color of the interior design.
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