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Carpet Roll Crown


Roll Carpet Specifications CROWN Crown Carpet Is a type of roll carpet used for apartment floors, hotel floors, exhibition floors, office floors, floors in general. In the development of increasingly diverse interior design and modern roll carpets are always present to give new colors to get a comfortable design and give a relaxed impression for you and your family, or others. Crown carpet has the following specifications: FIBER: STRUDON Polypropylene BCF CONSTRUCTION: Level Loop DYE METHOD: Solution Dyed PILE HEIGHT: 4.0 mm - 4.5 mm PILE WEIGHT: 510 gr / m² PRIMARY DEVELOPMENT: Woven Polypropylene SECONDARY PURCHASE: Action Back WIDTH ROLL STANDARDS: 3.95 - 4.00 m STANDARD ROLL LENGTH: 40 m STANDARD ROLL WEIGHT: 300 kg

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