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Gracewood flooring is one of the pioneers of engineered wood in Indonesia. The products they own are already very large, ranging from local wood to imported wood. Nevertheless the price of Grinnewood enginnering wood remains competitive in the market. As one of the long-time players, Gracewood always improves quality and increases the choice of bark used from year to year. At present, the gracewood floor is an item that pretty much controls the engineered wood market.Gracewood floor thickness is 12 mm and is a combination of bark and multiplex. The multiplex at the bottom layer functions as the main structure and has a thickness of 10 mm. Bark on the top layer is used as a motif on wood and has a thickness of 2 mm. Lapisa bark that is on the surface already has a finishing layer which aims to increase the surface resistance of engineered wood against scratches.The choice of bark used is quite varied. Years of experience make Gracewood understand the best colors that sell well on the market. The bark used by the Gracewood floor comes from both local wood and imported wood. Trees that are processed are trees that are already old enough to have good and hard outer skin. The use of bark on the surface is intended to bring the actual feel of wood on the floor of your room.Gracewood comes with competitive prices from year to year. The price of a gracewood floor is influenced by the type of wood you choose. For example, engineered wood with local motifs is usually cheaper than engineered wood with imported motifs. This is of course due to the resources needed to make engineered wood, namely bark. Imported bark will be more difficult to obtain and will require more shipping costs. This causes the color of local trees to be cheaper than imported motifs.
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